Seniors Serving Seniors

We are a volunteer organization promoting quality of life and well-being for seniors in Greater Victoria.

A Community Resource Handbook

Senior's Information Services
for the Capital Region


Are you a senior living in Greater Victoria? We will help you navigate services for seniors and connect you to the appropriate agency. If you feel lonely due to recent hospitalization or loss of a loved one, we will assist with your transition and provide the emotional support for your return to health.

Service Directory

The Seniors’ Services Directory contains over 500 listings of seniors’ service laid out in a user-friendly format and is the ‘go to’ guide for  seniors, their families and healthcare professionals working with seniors.


A listing of resources for seniors in the Capital Region listed according to topic with direct links to  their services.

Donate Now Through!

Seniors Serving Seniors is relying on partners, funders, supporters, volunteers and members in providing exemplary services to the greater Victoria community. As a not-for-profit organization we have to rely on goodwill and the human touch. Seniors in need say THANK YOU for your generosity !